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Shopping-Eek A Mouse
Buying a Book – Joe Tex
How Much is that Doggie in the Window – Annie Jackson, Barbara Jones, Matz Ztefrens, Joe Livoti and Rolf Harris
Lost in the Supermarket – The Clash
Billy Broke my Heart at Walgreens (I cried all the Way to Sears) – Ruby Wright
Ayres the Bakers – Boycott Coca Cola Experience
Warrior in Woolworths – X-Ray Spex
Duo – Carlos D’Allessio
Fairytale in the Supermarket – The Raincoats
Can’t Buy Me Love – The Beatles
Shopping Mall – R. Crumb and his Cheap Suit Serenaders
Bargain Store – Dolly Parton
The Lonely Little Thrift Store – Jonathan Richman
Window Shopping – The Beach Bullies
La Petite Boutique – Edith Piaf
Luxury Mood – Superthriller
La Fille de Checkout – Men in Grey Suits
Ballad of a Teenage Queen – Johnny Cash
Manager in Love – Kissogram
Drugstore Woman – John Lee Hooker


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