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The Collectors
Broadcast on Resonance FM in 2008
Almost everyone collects something, but when does a collection start to take over your life? In this six part series, Ruby Wright visits the homes of people who collect everything from breadcrumbs to fairground organs and explores the reasons why we need to collect, and what happens when a collection gets out of control.


The Collectors: Fake Food
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Who buys giant streaky bacon, miniature sushi and prawns at £40 a go? The answer is Andrew Rutland, one of the founder members of performance collective Shunt. Find out why on Sunday November 30th at 4:30pm on Resonance, 104.4 fm

The Collectors: Fairground Organs
In this programme, octogenarian preservationist Melville Watts takes us round his warehouse of fairground organs and early twentieth century vehicles in the Forest of Dean.

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The Collectors: Fridge Magnets
This week we visit an avid fridge magnet collector, for whom deciding on her favourite magnet is like asking her to choose between her children…
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Cutting My Teeth

Broadcast on Resonance FM in 2008
On her quest to learn the musical saw, Ruby Wright delves into the history of the instrument, gets advice on how to play, and armed with a piece of music composed for her, travels from South London to California to enter the Saw Off competition at the International Musical Saw Association’s annual festival
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  1. Simply brilliant. Puppet on a String on the fairground organ was an unexpected delight!

  2. Oh my god, the Melville prog is just great!

  3. Hello

    I am not given to gushing, but I happened to stumble across ‘The Collectors’ on Resonance this afternoon, and found it to be a very lovely thing, charmingly presented. Unfortunately, I missed the first half of the programme, so am delighted to find that I can fill in the gaps here.

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